Shweta Shah

Celebrity Dietician/Nutritionist

An entrepreneur, a change maker, a dietician and a master curator of healthy and amazingly delicious delicacies, Shweta Shah dons several caps in her professional life. Driven by a burning desire and unrelenting passion to nudge people towards healthier lifestyles she is a firm believer of the therapeutic powers the ancient science of Ayurveda incorporates and lives by the mantra of ‘Simple is honest, simple is powerful’. A post-graduate in Dietetic and
applied nutrition from Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai, Shweta started her journey eighteen years ago and has achieved many milestones along the way.

Shweta has worked with some of the biggest celebrities, from Deepika Padukone, Katrina
Kaif, Rakul Preet Singh to Sakshi Dhoni, and even sports biggies like Gautam Gambhir and Harbhajan Singh. Her impressive clientele is not just a badge of honour, it encapsulates her journey and her hard work through a decade. It was her work on these celebrity wellness
programs that led to her gaining invaluable knowledge about the nuances of creating a correct concoction of habits that lead to good health. This is what she shares through EatFit247 as well

One way to describe Shweta would be to term her as someone who uses ancient ways of Ayurveda to provide her clients with an advance diet with advance care rooted in ancient science. Her USP is merging the ancient food wisdom she devotedly believes in with the knowledge of nutritional science she has acquired over the years to create the perfect mix for sustaining a healthy life.

Her journey encompassing almost two decades has been nothing short of incredible and she has been doing a phenomenal job at creating amazing and healthy food recipes while also consulting her wide gamut of clients with a program customized as per their metabolism requirements and body type. Her clients swear by her suggestions and it is in all honesty the result of her passion, dedication, and expertise.

Her venture EatFit247 is the amalgamation of the 3 Ns she religiously believes in: Nutrition, Nature, Newness. Her app and website not only curate diets for their clients once but remains at their service 24 hours a day 7 days a week. She wanted the app and website to be welcoming and approachable, the last thing one needs when venturing onto a fitness journey is intimidating processes and jargon which ends up confusing someone more than helping them. Hence, the whole process is extremely user-friendly. Technology and nature might appear to be two opposites but at EatFit247 these two come together to present you with a friend, a guide, and a coach that can administer all your activities throughout the day. One of the reasons people often eat unhealthily or end up ordering from outside is because they feel eating healthy is boring and there is nothing new to be made, this is precisely the reason why the website virtually never runs out of recipes, you will always find something new, interesting and tasty to make

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